Fear of Impotence

                 “PERFORMANCE ANXIETY” is mostly faced by young men who lead to erection dysfunction. Impotence is also termed as erection dysfunction. This problem is mostly faced by men. This disorder brings in a deficiency of erection and causes a problem during intimation. Fear of impotence is same as the phobia. In such disorder the person is feared that he may not have an erection. Men should have an erection so that his sexual life goes very well. An erection problem is caused due to lack of blood flowing towards the penile area which affects the erection. The medicines like Generic Viagra, Kamagra, Penegra are been introduced to come up with the problem of impotence. You can buy Generic Viagra online as it is not available in the chemist shops. Impotence can be cured but its fear cannot be cured.

                      The person who smokes should have a fear of losing the erection. Smoking affects very badly on erection. The person who masturbates, who have a habit of consuming alcohol, who is a chain smoker should have a fear of impotence. It sometimes also leads to breaking of relationship. Smoking, masturbating, and consuming alcohol all this makes the hormones weak which are responsible for erection. The person consuming the medication for erection is not supposed to smoke or consume alcohol just because of a reason that it affects the erection process and also leads to side effects. These drugs mostly affect only the person who doesn’t have any major health issue. A person with major health issue can be adversely affected, so it is necessary for such person to consult a doctor.

  1. A person can face erection problem when he is not well in bed or can say when he distracted by something.
  2. If a person intimates with a new partner at that time even due to awkwardness he cannot perform well in bed.
  3. You also face fear if you have been facing an erection problem for a long time

It is very important to cure the fear as well as erection problem. Most of the people facing this problem don’t like to discuss such things with anyone. Such problems are to be discussed with your partner or even with the doctor so that you can find a solution to it. Impotence is mostly faced by the people who are above the age of 40.they are preferred to take the Generic Viagra which helps them to solve the problem of erection. This is not preferred to the patients who are suffering from diseases like diabetes, kidney issues, blood pressure. The people above the age of 60 are supposed to consult the doctor.These pills are not to be taken on a regular basis as well as it should also not be consumed more than one time within 24 hours. You can even follow meditation to come up with the fear of erection.The person who needs to come up with fear of impotence should make himself strong physically as well as psychologically to maintain the balance to have an erection.

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