Depressions and their harmful effects

A depression is a mental disorder in human begins. It is a common and serious disorder found in most human begins. It affects human feeling and behaviors. It induces behaviors such as sadness, boring or lost interest in activity, anger or loneliness. This feeling or behaviors affect daily routine of a human such as eating, sleeping, working and other daily interested activities they involve.

If not taken any step towards depressions, it can become a major disorder. It can lead to serious and harmful effects in human life. It can lead to an emotional, mental and physical problem. Fortunately, we have various treatments to treat this depression.

Symptoms of depression

There are various sign that shows the symptoms of depression. There are small to major symptoms of depression. Most common symptoms seen are as follow:

  • Feeling depressed or sad
  • Loss interest in eating food
  • Problem is daily sleeping
  • Loss interest in doing things that make one happy or interesting activities.
  • Feeling guilty or useless
  • Changes in physical such as loss weight or gain weight
  • Feeling weakness or lost of energy
  • Suffering from various diseases.
  • Making a decision, concentration and thinking power become weak.
  • Negative thoughts such as death or to commit suicide.
  • Doing unwanted things which are observable by other people.

This above symptom of depression may increase by passing time. If not taken proper treatment on right, it is difficult to treat.

Causes of depression:

There is a number of reasons behind a depression in a human. But, the most common causes of depressions are as follow:

Loss of person or death

Someone special or close person sudden death naturally or accidentally. Such as family member, loved one or close person death. Sometimes, one may have guilt or feel responsible for the person died. Such feeling of guilt, the sadness of losing a loved one can increase the chances of depressions.

Mental or physical abuse

The person suffered from some sexual, physical or emotional abuse in past. Or currently suffering from the same abuse may increase chances of depressions inhuman. This may lead to fear, sadness or depressed if not treated on time.

Conflicts in family

Daily conflicts in family members or parents can result in falling in depression stage. This mostly happens in a family where there is lack of understanding. In this situation, mostly children minds get disturbed. This leads to depression in them.

Certain medication consume

There is a certain medication used for purpose of other medical treatment. Such known drugs are a beta blocker or high blood pressure drugs. The over-consumption of this drug may lead to depression.

Steps to prevent depression

There are different ways by which depressions can prevent. Although, it is difficult and may take a long time to recover. But, if followed properly and regularly it gives the best result to overcome from depressions. Some of the steps to prevent depression are as follow:

  • Stay healthy by eating healthy food and sleep well.
  • Regular exercise, yoga for medication.
  • Manage with stress and step to overcome stress.
  • Spend or hang out with family and friends.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and other hazardous drugs.
  • Have a regular check-up of your health with a doctor.
  • Think positive and be positive always.

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