Erectile dysfunction is the disorder which is associated with men. This disorder makes the men unable to maintain or have an erection. There is not only one reason which contributes to this problem. Erectile dysfunction can occur due to physical or physiological factors or due to many other reasons like stress, anxiety or lifestyle. This problem can be treated with the help of medicines as well as you can treat this problem with the help of natural remedies. As a treatment men order generic viagra online but if you know which food affects your erection it can help to treat your erection problem soon.

Following are the foods which make erection problem occur in men:

White bread and processed foods:

                White bread and processed food help to increase the body flab which makes the estrogen level to increase and lowers the testosterone. Most of the men who intake such food find the problem in erection. This food contains fats which don’t allow the blood to flow properly in the body.

Too much of alcohol:

              The reason behind cut down of alcohol is due to the science behind it. Alcohol makes you desensitize.  Consuming the alcohol equal to five or more drinks can affect the level of testosterone. Hence if you consume one or two drinks then it will either affectless or may no effect. So make sure that you consume alcohol in moderation.


           Some of the people switch to soy thinking that it is healthy but soy contains fat which are unhealthy and it also leads to an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone. Having low estrogen and testosterone can affect your mood, energy and sexual health.

Fried food:

           Fried, oily and spicy food though tastes good still it is unhealthy. Consuming this food on regular basis may increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and many other problems. In most of the restaurants, the same oil is used again and again which makes the fried food more harmful for health.

Food packed in cans or plastic:

            Plastic products and canned food contain a chemical known as Bisphenol-A. Some of the people use tomatoes that are stored in plastic and meats that are canned so do avoid the use because this canned food can affect your erection. You should also restrict the use of plastic bottles as they also contain this chemical and it is harmful to men’s erection.

Flavored soda:

                Flavored soda which is enjoyed by people but this sweet soda increases the risk of erectile dysfunction.  The sweetness of this drink and other constituents in it can raise the chances of cholesterol and damage to the arteries in the penis which contributes to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Microwaved popcorn:

            Microwaved popcorn not only contributes to cancer but also leads to an erection problem. Conventional microwave popcorn bags have a lining of perfluorooctanoic acid which is also known as C8. Due to this chemical, you may have low testosterone level which can affect your erection in a negative way.

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