Causes and Natural Remedies for Treating Impotence

Erections that are desirable and sufficient enough for making satisfying love sessions are not attained when a person is suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction also known as impotence. It can affect men at any age but the most common age where erectile dysfunction hits men is 50. People might not know but 50% of men around the corners of the world have been suffering from erectile dysfunction each day and still fail to do anything about it.

The problem with this sexual disorder is that men fail to discuss the issue and do not even admit that they have been suffering the problem and tend to suffer in silence. It might be easy for women to discuss their bedroom problems with their close mates but for men the issue is real and of course their male ego clashes and makes them embarrassed. So instead of discussing they rather keep the problem with themselves.

The main cause of erectile dysfunction

You must first understand that erectile dysfunction is not a disease. There are certain problems that activate impotence in men and they are high blood pressure, depression, prostate disease, high levels of cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, etc. The main cause of erectile dysfunction is low testosterone levels or poor supply of blood to the penile organ. There are few conditions as well as disorders which might hit an individual if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and they are-

High Cholesterol- Nitric oxide is essential for better flow of blood and helps men achieving those long lasting erections. If a person is suffering from high-cholesterol it controls the production of nitric oxide.

Diabetes- Diabetes rates as number one symptom of a person suffering from erectile dysfunction. If at all you visit the doctor for erectile dysfunction they would definitely inform you about you suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Stress/Depression- Depression causes a loss of libido as well as anxiety problems which eventually leads to impotence. In about 80% of cases, men suffering from depression tend to be a prey to erectile dysfunction.

High Blood Pressure- There are certain blood pressure medications that make a man suffer from impotence. When a person is suffering from blood pressure issues it tends to cause damage to the blood vessels. This eventually causes a person to face erectile dysfunction.

There are certainly excellent home remedies through which a person can get over the issue of impotence.

Boron- Intake of Boron in your diet can be one of the best reasons to get through erectile dysfunction. This is the most natural and curable remedy you might have ever experienced. The metabolism of your sex hormones is regulated with the help of boron. It contains contents like Viagra which raises libido.

Apple cider vinegar- There is not even a single issue that apple cider vinegar does not treat. it has been seen that the effects are pretty frequent and men tend to experience erections within a very short time span. This does not directly treats impotence but defeats the problems that cause erectile dysfunction such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, etc.

Magnesium- Magnesium, when combined with boron, works well for erectile dysfunction. This works by reducing the symptoms of diabetes and blood pressure issues. Also treats by relaxing the blood vessels. 

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