Privacy Policy

At, confidentiality of a purchaser is secured regardless of what may come. No client would ever like his info being disclosed with any imprecise third person in any way. And we take complete caution that we must be successful in keeping this word. Our confidentiality policy will enable you understand how we look after the information given by you and also promise you simultaneously that this information won’t be leaked to strangers. This course of action is written in user friendly language so that everyone can know the meaning of it once read. Now you can shop with no any doubts or stress as the data feed by you is in safeguarded.

Sincerely read below stated points and be confident regarding the security of your personal along with professional info.

•      No promotion mails: In this fast moving lifestyle, we get time to relax and watch. In such circumstances we do not desire to trouble our users by sending those marketing mails or texts. We just drop main when it is enforced such as mails on the topic of the position of their order. We usually send mails if new product is invented or discount offers are released.

•      Productive security system: Our web portal is safeguarded with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) tools which catches the info feed by the patrons and keeps it secluded. As a result this info cannot be received by any person.

•      No junk e-mail: We have assured you that your info couldn’t be handover to unknowns and that’s why you won’t receive any junk e-mail from them.

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