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Product Description

Penegra is one of inconceivable anti ED remedy having massive repute in the market. Male sexual dysfunction is self-worth wrenching sexual ailment and breaks men life into pieces. But Penegra operates optimal upon the difficulty and curbs hard-on troubles in 45 minutes of intake. Penegra is a capsule medicine, so necessitated to be ingested with water. This FDA standard medicine possesses Sildenafil citrate as the core module in it. Cast off phallus apprehensions with this medicine and restart you intimate life. This tablet works mind blowing on poor organ problem and gives you relief from it eternally.

Penegra 50mg

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Penegra 100mg

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Working process

When penile organ issues come into sight the blood flows in a man’s genitalia system is affected severely. Penegra pill is the remarkable therapy for male impotence hitch, as it knows for its proficiency to boost up the blood flow by magnifying the blood vessels. The principal component exhibit in Pengegra is Sildenafil citrate that spreads blood amply near the male lovemaking system by booming the blood vessels. Penegra is PDE5 eradicator and amplifies cGMP level radically. So eventually, the male genitalia part turns rock-hard and holds back its vitality for long period.  



Dosage instructions

  • The dose of Penegra ought to be ingested only after having word with a general practitioner.
  • Perfect dose only can assist in trouncing erection tribulation devoid of impacting wellness.    
  • Penegra gets in amount of 50mg along with 100mg. Only your doctor can tell you most suitable dose.
  • If you want to make alternation do not do same devoid of his proposal.
  • Keep in mind Penegra should be gulp as a whole without making its small pieces or powder.
  • The medicine is compulsory to be guzzled only one time in 24 hrs.
  • Next dose can be guzzled following 24 hrs over. It assists in voiding negative results.
  • The dose shows positive results only when he is excited to have intercourse.
  • When you are on Penegra treatment makes sure you don’t take calorie packed meal.

Possible Fallouts

Unwanted results are indivisible part of every medication. Do not panic when they occurs. Penegra though come out as a safe and secure ED killer pill but side effects inseparable from it also. Side effects arise from this are very normal and never give you much trouble. They are pain sensation in head, looseness of the bowels, dyspepsia, distort vision, color sightlessness, lethargy, etc. This unwelcomed results usually take a hike on own without any treatment. Whereas if they increase their stay, seek for medical guidance.

Penegra has few grave undesirable outcomes also related with it. They seldom come about. Stern fallouts of Penegra are strokes, chest ache, hearing tribulations, long drawn out straightening, heart issues, etc. Seek advice from your medical bodies without delay on their onset.

Storage instructions

  • You need to store Penegra pills in cool, dry and dirt free place so that their efficacy remains as it is always.
  • For Penegra, temperature range 15 to 30 degree Celsius is essential. Never exceed given temperature range as it can spoil medicine.
  • Never keep Penegra tabs open to intense heat, sunlight, moisture.
  • Avoid bathroom, kitchen and such other odd places to store Penegra tabs as they are not suitable for meds health.
  • As this drug is of no use to kids, women and pets so keep it out of reach of them.
  • Most importantly, outdated pills should not be kept at home. Cast away them correctly.

Safety steps

  • Follow precaution with honesty to reduce occurrence of pessimistic outcome.
  • Do not go with Penegra treatment without medical specialist proposal.
  • Doctors prescribed you accurate dose after checking you ED level, age weight etc factors. Their prescribed dose proves you helpful also.
  • Men allergic to ingredients of Penegra are requested not to buy Penegra online.
  • Neither drive vehicle nor take part in other machine operations because it invites somnolence. This may result in severe mishap.
  • Consuming the medicine with hard drink is also not permitted because hard drinks lead to fatal wooziness and at the end contributes to negative outcomes.
  • Fend off grapefruit and its juice as well with the medication.
  • Intake of nitrates is the most horrific mixture with Penegra. It causes health in danger. Evade taking them entirely.
  • Men must straight away approach for medical assist if any unwanted reaction encounters later consuming the medicine.