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Product Description

Product description

Silagra has conceived the number one drug for conquering weak penile organ syndrome. The medicine is expert in eliminating organ tribulations with the assist of its principal component Sildenafil Citrate. Even if Silagra is come at cheap rate but considering quality it definitely copes with its brand name Viagra. Enjoying coition bliss with the brilliant drug is absolutely simple. The medicine turns effectual in short distance but looks for medical support definitely prior to having. Silagra is immense strong medicine and gets in tab form often. It renders sensual joy for long extent.

Silagra 50mg

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Silagra 100mg

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Action mechanism

In weedy organ predicaments, blood spread in gents reproductive system is blocked. Silagra 100mg capsule is one of the pioneer treatments for such erection blues, as it acknowledges for its astonishing technique to push up blood circularization by broadening the blood vessels. The super active element exist in Silagra is Sildenafil citrate that transfers blood in gigantic strength nearby penile organ by widening the blood vessels. Silagra is PDE5 killer and intensifies cGMP level drastically. So at last, the sexual organ obtains mind blowing rigidity and retains verve for long term.          

Dosage rules

  • Silagra capsules must fundamentally be ingested only after conversation with the medical advisor.  
  • For eradicating impotence correctly consuming of apt dose is extremely elemental.
  • Silagra is normally dictated in 50mg strength. But this is not same in all cases. The dose amount can even alter based on a level of the malady.
  • At the time of medical test do not keep anything hidden from a medical specialist. Inform him all about you, right from severeness of problem to meds consumption etc. Be adhered to expert advocated dose.
  • Don’t take a risk to vary dose amount on own. For the first look for expert guidance.
  • Silagra pill should not be taken with any other liquid except water as it pushes tablet to assimilate speedily in blood.
  • Silagra ought to be given perfect time to become effectual. So, have it around 45 minutes ahead of sessions.   
  • The capsule must be gulped as removed out of packet.
  • Do not take large dose as it is very much injurious for the wellness.

Silagra 100mg side effects

Unwanted results are inescapable part of all kind of meds. More often than not undesirable outcomes Silagra demonstrates are not stern. These side effects generally come out. Mild unfavorable aftermaths of Silagra are head pain, back ache, muscle torment, losseness of bowels, indigestion, indistinct vision etc. Do not concern on the onset of these side effects. They possess proclivity of disappearing in some hours. Men must get panic if they reside for long extent.   

Few harsh consequences are also in link with the medicine Silagra. They are exactly opposite to normal fallouts and are extremely dicey to wellness. They are developing up of cardiac ills, chest ache, stroke, abdomen ulcer, hypertension etc. These pessimistic results do not move off on own. They need professional aid on the spot.

Storage Rules

  • Silagra tablet packet ought to be stored at room temperature. Temperature range 15 to 30 degree Celsius is optimal to store medicine.
  • Never try any other temperature range as it will spoil your medicine.
  • Store Silagra pills in a container that is completely packed. Also, ensure the medicine containing container is at a safe place.
  • Also keep in focus that the place should be dust free, cool and dry.
  • Kitchen, bathroom and other such odd place can ruin drug life span. So don’t do such thing.
  • Never take outdated tabs. Rather, dispose them once they get expired.

Safety steps

  • Take Silagra pills only if you going to follow safety measures with honesty. Preventive measures support you evade negative results.
  • The most essential safety step is to have Silagra on expert guidance only. Many gents who have consumed Silagra without doctor’s choice are seen going through health ailments. Hence, you don’t do same mistake.
  • If experiencing hypersensitivity with its dominant ingredient Sildenafil, shun consuming the medicine. Men on nitrates are requested to stay from this powerful anti-ED medication.
  • Drunkards also need to restrict or put an end to it totally as therapy gets impacted if ingested drink with the medication.
  • Silagra induces giddiness. So, do not drive and elude any machine operations to stay away from an accident.
  • Foods containing heavy fats are stringently prohibited previously to medicine intake.
  • Try to reduce regular habit of consuming Silagra as you will find complicated to retain erection naturally.

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