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Product Description

Super P Force Online is a double way benefiting medicine holding two chemical compositions. It makes effortless treating erection issues and premature ejaculation at one fell swoop. It is composed with goodness of two super active elements namely Dapoxetine as well as Sildenafil Citrate. Sildenafil Citrate is regarded as PDE5 blocker medication and other one is an anti-depressant medicament. This is the most comfy mode to triumph over delicate organ issues in gents. On the whole this drug is considered as valuable because it is mixture of two decisive chemical. Most important thing you do not need to have two pills to get over sensual blues.   

Super P Force 100mg

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Working Style

Hard-on issues and premature ejaculation are unforgettable culprits of love life of guys. With the aid of oral medicine super P force, one can have dreamy moments in bedroom. Immense shortfall of blood stimulates impotence in gents. This drug operates on the hurdle and support in causing the blood transmission tremendously smooth. As usual PDE5 enzyme causes organ failure in gents. Sildenafil citrate being dynamic module blocks the activity of PDE5 and assists in amending the blood transmission to the guys’ sexual system. In this way, super P force causes the male limb part hefty suffice to gain and retain an erection. Phallus robustness remains as long as for 4-5 hours.

The added constituent of super P force is dapoxetine. It is an anti-depressant drug comes under the group of meds renowned as serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI). These both are basically brain neurotransmitters amid which serotonin is associated to the peaceful mental position, self-assurance and relieve while the other, norepinephrine begin dopamine re-uptake. By choking up norepinephrine sense organ, this medicine makes effortless in raising stage of dopamine in the blood. It is associated to the want and quixotic feelings. Like this manner super P force functions on obstacle of premature ejaculation in gents. It also bottle up the ED hitch.

Dosage tips

  • Use Super P force drug only if you have been recommended by medical specialist and for zealous result have it when your stomach is unfilled. This may prove useful in instant assimilation method drug in bloodstream.
  • Only medical experts are well versed with drug pros and cons so they can perfectly advice you dose strength.
  • Never consume it with calorie enriched food items as it hinders the digestion of the medicine in the blood. Consume Super P Force devoid of crushing using water. 
  • Keep informing your health care consultant regarding other meds you are ingesting in blend with this astounding drug.

Storage Guideline

  • Keep the Super P Force far off from kids and pets reach to obviate possible threats
  • Choose the extreme sanitized location to store your pills.
  • Make container use for maintaining pills efficacy.
  • Proper room temperature and moist free surrounding are also important things needed to store drug.

Precautionary Measures of Super P Force

  • Super P Force drug is not prescribed for healthy men with no lovemaking dilemmas.
  • Erotic urge is obligatory to make this medication function for you. Later guzzling the drug if you do not acquire any form of carnal incitation then this drug won’t wipe out your complexities.
  • People undergoing wellness ailments for instance hypertension, diabetes, heart illnesses shouldn’t consume super P force anti-ED medicine devoid of checking with the medical advisor.
  • Do not take risk by performing machine related activity after drug ingestion because sleepiness sure shot happens and cause accident.
  • Never combine medicines holding plenty source of nitrated with this sexy tablet.
  • If you fall prey to brutal adverse consequences without delay contact your family doctor.
  • Reduce hard drink consumption while you are under treatment of super P force tablets. If you merge them collectively, your blood pressure will drop inducing a range of destructive consequences on wellness.
  • It is compulsory to seek advice from general practitioner first ahead of practicing this effective anti-impotence medicine.

Side effects

Almost every medicine exhibits unpleasant results in the beginning same goes with Super P force pills. Unless patient doesn’t get used to with any medicine there is possibility of encountering unfavorable outcomes. Also taking dose in prescribed way is basic need to avoid side effects. Below given are some mild and harsh side effects of this product. Keep in mind medical support is vital in case of onset of severe undesirable results.

  • Long drawn out phallus rigidity
  • Heart syndromes
  • Chest pain
  • Face reddening
  • Digestive issues
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Headache